Faith For Today

The most amazing thing happened to me as the morning began to come blowing in by the cool fall breeze,
Seemingly majestic the sun rays of light came peaking through the clouds at me
Outside the birds ushered in the morning chirping singing playing in the wind,
A glance at the window startled me when I saw a tiny little bird right outside of it,
On the twig it stood, and on top of a bush it looked as though it were hiding and watching and waiting for guidance from the wind to tell it which way to fly.
It moved so quickly almost unreal to see so closely.
It’s beauty made me smile and turn into a child all over again, in awe of such a wonderful creation trying to capture the moment on camera would’ve made me miss it, so I decided to soak this one in.
Its existence brought me joy and peace knowing if the creator of all things can take care of a little bird it can also take care of me.
That beautiful tiny bird created my faith for today. All of my needs are met by wonderful blessings, even the ones yet to be received.

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CREATIVITY bleeds from the pen of INSPIRATION

CREATIVITY bleeds from the pen of INSPIRATION

A Way of Life, What we Breath, The way we Think, How we Live, & What we Speak,

Inspiration is the key to all things unlocking for you and me on this journey, to self,

Self discovery is the mystery as we pursue our destiny,

Inspiration is motivation to see differently,

To live unusually uncommon to the average human being,

To spark a new thought and ignite the fire in someone else with the impulsiveness of your own passion which brings you satisfaction,

Desire is the heart beat as inspiration lives to lead

Encouragement, adoration, curiosity, & energy follow  close behind its breeze of enlightenment.

Refreshing is inspiration!

As it saturates the mind of the receiver with its beauty, & taps into the heightened sensitivity of the well of imagination, flowing through their circulation, causing them to live, move, and breath inspiration!

As you discover the flame of passion and desire burning within you let inspiration spread like wildfire 

& allow it to overflow out of your mind and saturate the world around you!



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Down Sewer Lane

Image“Why does my mind have to journey down such dark gritty ugly places?” I asked myself this question as I caught my mind drifting and wandering down memory lane again.

I must not have the most pleasant memories because it seems every time I remember something that’s happened in my past it’s not delightful…

It makes me wish things in my past never happened because they haunt my memory and cloud my mind with grief and grittiness.. But, I remember that if my past didn’t occur then my present would be different. & As of right now I am content with what I have and where I am; admittedly I have come a long way since the way I used to be when I made decisions that I was not proud of. These thoughts remind me of something called “The Silver Lining”, which is one statement of good to focus on in situations that are not to great.

So, as I stroll, I stop and look at where I’ve found myself. I recognize where I am is in Sewer Lane, “How did i end up in the discusting place? I must have taken the wrong turn when i turned down Gutter Blvd.” While I am wallowing and waiting in a puddle of guilt from mistakes, i contemplate and ask myself “How am i supposed to get out of here? And not just get out but never return?” it took a while but i realized… My way out comes from me, because my thoughts of dark memories have come from me as well. I began to seek deep within, past the images before me and with a willingness to escape my memories from the past, I see a light, “Yes! A way out!” it starts with a silver lining to guide me in escaping from the hell I’ve found myself in. I free myself with a light as i go closer letting my mind venture towards it all of the darkness slips away. A small ray of truth rescues me from the dark lies I was giving my mind to.

I’m rescued by truth from the lies. “That is no longer me”, I can tell myself. “This vision of dark gritty nastiness will not benefit me in anyway.”, “I’ve overcome this mindset and this situation!”, “I am no longer their i am here!” My sewer of gloom slowly disappears as I let the light shine in and I don’t just escape my past but I destroy it with the power of truth. My sadness then turns into gladness as I am freed from the sickness of guilt and pain made by an experience that tried to haunt my memory. I can no longer think on the useless illusion that means nothing!

A part of the Journey is to keep going! Don’t look back & don’t look down! Let’s not let our history dictate our destiny in ways that are ugly and gritty. Let go, destroy the past, and rejoice that it is over! The best is yet to come on this wonderful journey of life! Though darkness may rise and we may have journeyed down the wrong place whether mentally like in my case or physically, spiritually, or emotionally; there is an escape! Search deep for the truth and allow it to set you free so you can continue on your journey joyfully, with no regrets or hang ups that try to get you hung up on your past. Embrace today, because yesterday has truly passed away!


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Moving Mountains


When traveling on a road trip or venture, the goal is to make it to the destination as soon as possible right? You’ve been on the road for days and everything is going as planned. The roads are nice and smooth. Until you start elevating, getting higher into the atmosphere, you suddenly start to see huge figures in the distance. Then you realize I’m going to reach those soon. As you drive closer and closer, those once faint objects are now ginormous and literally towering over you. Very intimidating but you manage to swerve left and avoid any complications in your travel. Yes! You made it, close call. Just right up until you look out, and see a another right up ahead. 2x bigger than the one you barely missed. And not just that one, but a whole strip of made objects blocking you from your destination. You become discouraged and worried if you will make it home. It seems impossible from this point. So you pull over into a ditch, and sit because as long as your in that safe place its easy, and managable for the moment. Time now is passing you by, and your now so far behind scedule that you feel there is no use.
Are you in a ditch? Or mabey its a pit that you keep digging yourself in deeper and deeper because you think there is no way out. And perhaps someone gave you a travel map, but you know that there are still obstacles to face in your path that are impossible to conquer on your own. Maybe you turned around to try to find an easier road?
If you have big dreams exspect some mountains in your way. The 1st step is to be ready. Prepare yourself to elevate, because as you get higher, and closer to where you want to be in life problems will arise. You have to realize with big dreams come big obstacles. It can be very intimidating on your own, resulting in so many taking an easy road, or just simply not making it anywhere. Mainly its all because of fear. Looking for a solution? Do you have goals in life that with hope and security you feel you can accomplish them? The answer and only way to conquer the impossible in your future is God. Not only will his love drive out all fear, but He gives you hope and the will power to face those mountains head on. With Him holding you in his arms you know everything will be alright. You might get some bumps and bruises along the way but in the end of your travel with faith in God you will reach your destination victorious! So strap on those boots! No the road ahead will not be easy, but by faith in Christ You Can Move Mountains!

Matthew 17:20 “…For if you had faith even as small as a tiny mustard seed you could say to this mountain, ‘Move!’ and it would go far away. Nothing would be impossible.”

(How to find God)

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